Trans political education with TWT

The World Transformed, in collaboration with LCTR and Momentum, are launching a new programme of political education on issues faced by trans people, and the importance of transgender liberation within socialist politics.

TWT have hosted political festivals at Labour conferences since 2016, as well as helping run many local festivals. They also produce political education resources for general use, and are hosting a programme of online events. TWT are working with LCTR and Momentum to create this new programme of political education, which will inform and educate socialists in Britain about the struggle for trans liberation, as well as trans history and politics more broadly.

The programmes first session How can we challenge transphobia in the left? will identify and debunk common transphobic arguments heard in CLPs, workplaces and unions across the country, to equip allies to respond to the false and harmful narratives present in the mainstream media, and educate people around them. Speakers include Nim Ralph and LCTR committee member Charlie Caine. It will take place on the 24th of September at 12pm, and you can register for it here.

The development of this programme is a collaborative process led by trans people, and if you’re a trans person or ally who would like to help build radical trans political education, fill in this form so that TWT can get in touch. Anyone can also fill in this brief questionnaire to let us know what you’d like to learn from this programme.

Political education is a key part of building an organised force for trans liberation in Britain, and we’d like to thank TWT for engaging with us to help build it. We urge anyone, whether your an expert or new to this topic, to take part, and become part of the organisers and activists we’ll need to fight back against transphobia.