Supporter’s Zoom call

Following an energizing launch period, LCTR has had to reduce activity somewhat due to the covid-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, we have begun to adapt to remote working, and are looking to the future for our campaign and trans liberation. To this end, we organised an open Zoom call for all trans Labour Party members to attend and discuss the campaign and their priorities.

The call was highly attended, and several topics were discussed, starting with a review of our successes so far in shifting the position of the Labour Party towards trans liberation, and away from equivocation. We subsequently discussed how to support trans people during this pandemic, our intention to eventually hold a virtual conference later in the year, as well as our ideas for campaigns, and the possibility of local groups when the pandemic is over.

It was also an opportunity for trans people to meet our elected committee, which is:

Chair, Torr Robinson

Secretary, Gwen Wall

Treasurer, Charlie Caine

Communications, Florence Corf

Policy and Campaigns, Eden Ladley