LCTR in the media

Following our launch, LCTR has attracted a significant amount of attention from the media; as is common for any “political discussions” of trans people. Unfortunately, but very predictably, much of this has been framed negatively and through a transphobic lens, an endemic feature of our media’s coverage of trans people, which sees our struggle as a social media row rather than a fight for human liberation. Nonetheless, trans people and allies have been able to reach some platforms to express support for the trans community and for our campaign. This includes:

An article by our Chair Torr Robinson (@Torr_ro) in Tribune, who writes about the nature of transphobia in Britain today, the political forces that support it, and how trans people can organise to overcome transphobia and achieve liberation. It can be read here

An Independent article by trans journalist Vic Parsons (@vicparsons_), who writes in support of our campaign and backs Rebecca Long-Bailey in supporting our pledge for those who engage in transphobic abuse to be expelled. It can be read here.

Although it was unfortunately framed as a debate, and included noted transphobes, the BBC’s Moral Maze programme did at least invite our Chair to speak about the solidarity between trans people and all oppressed people. A clip of this can be heard on our Twitter here.

Finally, the Chair also spoke to the trans podcast What the Trans on how LCTR came together and what we seek to achieve for the community. The episode can be listened to here.