LCTR in the media

Following the recent speech by Liz Truss’ there has been a wave of condemnation from the trans community, LGBT+ community and our allies. Our statement in response to that speech strongly condemned it for several reasons, including the use of dog-whistles around “single-sex spaces”, continued delay of the GRA, and the announcement of an intention to restrict transgender healthcare for young people even further. The full statement is available here.

In response to our statement, LCTR was contacted by media outlets to provide comment, and our supporters have spoken out widely about the danger this speech represents. We include some of this media below:

In an article for the Independent, trans people came together across our community to state our strong opposition to what Liz Truss announced. Our Chair Torr Robinson provided comment to this piece on behalf of LCTR. The full piece can be read here.

Torr also wrote a separate article for the Metro on Liz Truss’ speech, writing about the danger that this speech is only the start of a transphobic programme in government that has been slowly gathering pace and could go much further, comparing it to the actions of transphobic governments in the US and Hungary. The piece can be read here.

Another article was also written for Pink News by trans journalist Vic Parsons (@vicparsons_), who reported on the condemnation of Liz Truss speech and LCTR’s statement, including the above article in the Metro. The article can be read here.

One of our supporters, Aisling Gallagher (@twoshadesofhope) also wrote an article for Red Pepper magazine, where they wrote of the need for a Labour Party that is firmly and strong committed to supporting trans people, and the importance of campaigning for one. The piece can be read here.