Welcome to the LCTR blog

Welcome to our blog!

We created this section as we feel that trans people in Britain need a space to make our voices heard and build our community. Because of Britain’s extremely transphobic media, it is very hard for us to engage with those outlets in a fair and equal way, which has contributed to trans people being silenced and disconnected. This will be a place for trans people, by trans people.

We’re interested in anything that you think is worth writing about. It could be about an experience you had, an opinion you hold on any given topic, or other forms of writing that you would like to share with the world and the rest of the trans community. Our focus is of course on the struggle for trans liberation, especially in the Labour Party, but part of that struggle is giving trans people a platform that is controlled by trans people where they can talk about anything – this is that platform.

If you have something you would like to write about, or a completed piece, feel free to email us at trans.labourcampaign@gmail.com, with a short pitch or your piece attached.

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